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Copy file build error if file does not already exist

When I create a job step that will copy a file created from a previous step, the job fails to run with a build error that the file to be copied does not exist. It will exist by the time the it reaches that step but it is not smart enough to figure that out. Even if I mark the copy step as continue on error it still does not run. I am using TDA 3.1. Any plans to correct this behaviour in a future version?

  • Greg

You’re right, this behavior doesn’t seem to be correct. I’ve created a change request CR100822 to fix it. We’ll see if we can make it in 3.2.



The same problem exists for Variables. I tried to add a log message that would use a calculated variable (Percent_Complete) that divides a Loop_Count (Loop_Count + 1)variable by a previous row count variable stored in All_Weeks. Percent_Complete = Loop_Count / All_Weeks. At build time All_Weeks has a value of zero and generates an error and does not run even if I mark the Percent_Complete step as continue on error. If it ran All_Weeks would be set to the row count of a query prior to starting the loop and would be greater than zero. Can you add this to the CR 100822 or create a new one?