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Copy File Random Error


I sporadically get an error on the “copy to file” section of my automation that says “Folder does not exist”. But…it does exist. I will go days to weeks without the error and then it will pop up again for a few days. I’m not changing anything at all in the automation or the original file. There’s no point in having it automated if I have to worry about it failing. Anyone else have this issue?

To jrzygrrl:

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I regret I'm personally having issues reproducing the issue exactly. I could get error messages like "Could not find a part of the path" but not a "Folder does not exist".

To better assist you, we humbly request the following items:

  • A support bundle (which will allow us to look at the Automation logs)
  • A screenshot of the issue

How to Create a support bundle

  1. Launch Toad Data Point through the shortcut with the parameter /log=all.

  2. Reproduce the issue and ensure the error message appears (If applicable).

  3. Select Help -> Support Bundle

  4. A new tab will appear. After it's done generating the bundle, Right-click the tab -> Save File to save the .zip file to any directory of your choosing.

  5. Return to the Toad World thread and Post a Reply using Rich Formatting

  6. Compose a message

  7. Select the Options tab next to Compose, then click Click to Add to add the .zip support bundle

  8. Post when you're ready!

Thank you for your time.

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Is your folder on a network drive? If the path is unavailable at the moment Toad checks (right before it runs the job) the job will not run. I have had better luck using DOS batch jobs to copy and move files and use Toad to call those with run program and pass my Toad variable to the batch job. Your problem may be itermittent network problems that may only last seconds but that is all that it may take if it is at the right moment.