Copy text in HTML format

The Toad editor currently has a "Copy text in rich text format" option, could we also have a "Copy text in HTML format" option? There are some applications (specifically M$ OneNote, in my case) which do not support pasting of rich text, but do support HTML. Currently that means I have to copy my nicely-highlighted SQL from Toad, paste it into Word, select it all and copy again, then paste to OneNote.

I realize this is really more of a OneNote problem than a Toad problem, but having HTML copy would be a legitimate feature in Toad, and might be useful for other things as well.


I found the product SlickEdit where I can copy highlighted/formated code from say Toad/ VBA/SQL Server to SlickEdit, then copy it again and paste it into OneNote. SlickEdit has the default option of copy/paste in html format.

Oh  one more idea.   When copying code to OneNote.  To get rid of the red squiggly bad spelling lines:

Select the code

From the Ribbon: Select Review->Language->Set Language then select something like Estonian.   Gets rid of the lines