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create a table from another connection


Hi all,

Quick question here. I have an oracle connection and a recent MS Access connection. Instead of exporting the Access data I’d like to do something like the below:

/My oracle connection location/
create table import_access as Select * from [ms access connection table]

Is there an easy way to just build a table from a different connection?



To Mr. Toad_Dude:

Thank you for posting in Toad World! I understand that you wish to simply build an Oracle table based on a different Access table.

While I would still recommend using the Data Import Wizard to create the table, there is a possible alternative.

Create table without using import wizard

  1. Connect to your source table (I used the Navigation Manager and double-clicked my Access connection)

  2. Connect to your destination.

  3. Open the Editor (You can push the Edit button on your toolbar)

  4. Paste your script used to create the table. You will need to modify some types to make it compatible with your destination.

Let us know if this answers your question,

Software Developer I,

  • Joshua Liong


The best way is to connect to the destination connection. Open up the Import Wizard. Choose the Query option. Select incoming database and enter a query. On some of the later wizard pages you can choose the name and location of the new table. You can also change column names and data types here and set an index. This will create a new table and import the data.