Create list of emails from query

I have a db table that has email addresses associated with certain reports. I’d like to send one email with everyone in the ‘TO’ field of the email.

Is there a preset method for this?

New to TDA and trying to get some tips. Thanks in advance.


This can be accomplished by building a variable that has the value for your CC list:

Use a loop dataset activity and execute a query that selects the email column. Then for each row append to the value of your variable the email followed by a colin.

Dereference the variable and use in the CC of your email. (IE: “#email#”) The “#” dereference the variable.

See this blog for info on using variables in automation.


Thanks for the response. I got around the issue by using a coalesce query and I grab all the emails in a comma delimited list at once. However, I do like the method described and will give it a try.

Is there a limit on size of variable? Our email list sometimes gets VERY large.

Thanks again,


There is no limit on lenth of variable. Give it a try and let me know how it goes