How do I send an email to a group of people where the list of recipients...


In TDP Help there is a topic titled ‘Use Variables in Automation’, in which it states that it is possible to:

Send an email to a group of people where the list of recipients is automatically selected with a query.

Has anyone been able to successfully do this so the Automation Email Activity fields To, CC, BCC are populated automatically by a script variable?

I have a report that is included on a Loop Dataset Activity, which is filtered by programme to produce individual PDF files for active projects for each of the programmes. However I don’t know how to use a variable to automate the recipient email list (which is different for each programme).

Any help you can give would be welcome.

Thank you in advance.



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I have attached an example. Place the two files in your c:\temp and connect to the excel file. The example uses a variable named EMAIL. I select from the excel file and set the value for each row to the variable. The variable is then used to email.

Debbie (7.11 KB)

HI Debbie,

This is nearly what I’m looking for…

All the email addresses in the excel spreadsheet are placed in the ‘TO’ field.

How would I go about populating the email ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ fields?

Would I have to create a separate spreadsheet TAB and bind variable in the automation script?

Something like an Excel workbook with spreadsheets:
TAB Sheet1 = ‘TO’, TAB Sheet2 = ‘CC’, TAB Sheet3 = ‘BCC’.

Also three Bind Variables #EmailTO#, #EmailCC#, #EmailBCC#


I would add a CC and BCC column to the first worksheet. Like this:


You will now need three variables. For each row set each variables with the correct column value. Then deference then in the To, CC, and BCC areas of the email.


Thanks Debbie,

That works Great

You’re a Star…


Thanks for posting this sample… very very helpful.