Create Model using Pervasive P-SQL 9.5

I need to import a Pervasive 9.5 PSQL database into Toad Data Modeler. I am not aware of any way to export a set if DDL statements from pervasive. We do have a set of Excel spreadsheets that contain the structure of the table design. Can I do an import of a csv file into toad data modeler? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thank you


you can try to reverse engineer existing unsupported database in this case Pervasive. You need AOD/ODBC driver.

Click File | Reverse engineering to open reverse engineering wizard. In step Select Data Source choose Universal DB.

Tip: you can prepare your ODBC settings first. Win XP: Start | Control Panel. Section Administrative Tools -> Data Sources. Create new connection settings to your pervasive database and then run TDM reverse engineering wizard as described above.

Loading information from CSV is possible, but Excel is not the best source, I guess the reverse engineering option would work much better.



Pervasive P-SQL is not ODBC compatible. In order to connect to the db we need to use setup a series of DDF files that create the impression that PSQL is similar to a relationship DB. The creation of the DDF files is quite a cumberson task, and also quite error prone.

Can you please discuss the Excel csv option in a bit more detail.

Thank you

Does anybody know how to use a csv file to load schema information into Toad Data Modeler? It was mentioned earlier that it was possible, but I have not found any documentation that indicates how it is done.

I really need guidance on this.


In Toad Data Modeler version 2 suport for Pervasive 8 and Pervasive 9 was available and connection to pervasive could be established via ODBC or via ADO. There really should be a way to use ADO connection (Now I cannot test it because Pervasive is no longer supported).

Re Excel: Please how do you store information about your database structure in Excel? How information about Tables, Attributes, Data Types, Comments are structured in your excel file? Or, can you store it to XML (from excel for example)?