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CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE statements are in wrong order in generated delta script


I am using Toad DevOps Toolkit to perform a schema compare of two oracle database schemas. The generated delta script contains a CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE BODY statement that appears EARLIER in the script than the corresponding CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE statement. When this script is run against the target database the script fails (as the order of the statements in the script is wrong).
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?
Thanks in advance for your help,


That seems like a bug and I will investigate.

A workaround would be to run 2 compares....the first one with Types and the 2nd with Type Bodies + everything else that you want to compare.


Okay, thanks. If you could please let me know the results of your investigation.


Toad relies (in part) on DBA_DEPENDENCIES to determine object creation order in scripts.

I see cases where TYPE BODIES have dependencies on their corresponding TYPE and cases where they do not. For our purposes, this dependency should always exist so I will manually create this dependency and then the sort order should be correct.

You should be able to reproduce the same wrong object sort order in Toad.

If you don't mind pulling the beta and trying it there, I should have it fixed for Thursday's beta. It's too late for today's.



Thanks for the update John. Can you please send me the link from where I can download the Beta version ? I don't seem to be able to find it.


It's the first post in the Toad for Oracle Beta forum. Here's a link:


Do you know when there will be a new version of Toad DevOps Toolkit (beta or otherwise that will include this fix) as I really want to test this as part of my CI / CD pipeline ?