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Create script for user - find password

I am working with Oracle 12.2
When Trying to get the script to create a user, I see that password value is not shown but instead there is
Of course I checked the box for getting passwords and, up to 11.2 it works.
May this be is an issue for 12.2 version and upper?

Happy new year


Hi Mauro, long time no see!

Oracle tightened down the security quite a bit in recent versions.

Now you need to have SELECT on SYS.USER$ granted directly to you in order to get the (encrypted) password in the create user script.

Also, don't forget to check this option:

I had said that I checked that option ( sorry for my poor English, probably I was not clear enough ), and as a matter of fact in 11.2 it works.
You can get the encrypted password even as system, no need to read sys.user$ with this:

select REGEXP_REPLACE ( DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL ('USER', 'Utente' ), '.VALUES (''.+'').', '\1',1,1,'n' ) from dual;

I used this way as a workaround but I think Toad could use it



Ah, yes you did say that you checked the box! Sorry for my poor reading!

That's a good trick with the password, thank you.

I am glad to have been helpful

Have a nice day