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Create table statement

I’m comletely new to toad.
I want to create a table using an existing statement (I have a text file containing many “create table” statements).
I didn’t find a sql editor where I can paste the existing statement…
The only way I found to create a table is to add each column and constraint one by one, using the “create table” icon on top of the tables browser.

I’m using Toad for Oracle trial version.

Any help will be greated.


Hi Talia,

  1. Press the editor button. It’s usually the first icon in the second row.

  2. If the button is greyed out, then you have to make it available by doing

Go to the menu - View/Toad Options… - under Windows find ‘Editor’ and check
‘Available’ and ‘Auto Open’ (if you want it to open automatically when you start
Toad). [Apply].

From there you can use File/Open File to locate and load your script file or
paste like you mentioned. To run it ‘as a script’ use F5 or press the ‘Execute
as Script’ (lightning bolt on paper icon) button.

btw…checking out the Help (Help/Contents) might serve as a good starting point
as well.