Create View Option for Query Builder - How to change option to Quote the View Name

We are connected to Neteeza database and using the query builder to define a view. I then choose the statement type as create view.

it generates the following statement:

CREATE VIEW {{Unquote(:Table_Name)}} AS


, “A005”.KSCHL


I want the view name to be quoted so that we can have view names in Camel Case. I can manually edit the SQL to quote the “Table_Name” value, but can’t find an option to have the automated create statement to be CREATE VIEW {{Quote(:Table_Name)}} or just CREATE VIEW :Table_Name and we can quote ourselves in the parameter entry popup for the view name.

Is there an option to create Camel Case views?

The :Table_Name in the CREATE VIEW statement works like the ”bind” variable. When you execute the statement you will be asked to enter the view name and the view will be created with the name as you typed.

For example as you can see on the screenshot I entered the name TestView using Camel notation and the view was create with that name.



I am working on a Netezza database and when I execute the view is created in all caps.

See attached.

I entered name = CamelCaseTest and it created CAMELCASETEST in the database.

We need to determine how to create the view as we type it, but the command has Unquote around the variable and changing to upper case.

It looks like ODBC Netezza behaves differently in this case.

Thank you for bringing up the issue. I’ve created QAT-11836 to keep track of it.