Do you plan to support Netezza Advanced->Send to Query Builder Functionality

I work for a consulting firm that performs data migrations for Fortune 100/500 companies and we utilize SQL and ETL tools to perform our duties. The majority of our time is in SQL and we create a lot of views in our work to push down to the database and to create reports. SQL Server Management studio has the most functionality that I have seen and gives the ability to edit or create views with a query builder. Looks like this functionality is available for some databases, but not Netezza. Our current clients staging database is Netezza and that function is greyed out if I copy the view sql into the standard SQL editor and choose Advanced->Send to Query Builder. Do you plan to implement this? I am looking at this tool and whether we will purchase, but really need this functionality to perform our jobs.

We do have basic view building capability.See below. What did you want added?

The create works well. The missing functionality is being able to edit a view once created in the query builder.

I take the view code into SQL Editor and try to go to Advanced->Send to Query Builder to edit the view code already created to make changes. Is there a way to do this?

I see what you are asking for. For those connectors this works for, you would not highlight all of the view SQL, just the select statement and send to the Query Builder. The Query Builder has a reverse engineering feature for SQL on our native connectors, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2. But we closed this down for the connections that rely on ODBC. This is because reverse engineering code was impossible to get perfect. Every database and unique keywords and syntax and it was frustrating customers more than helping.

This is a big deal for our team and no editor is perfect, but opening this feature up would work as long as we used the query building tool to create it initially. We can create TOAD views, but this is not a scalable option since our team is forced to work Virtual Desktops and other developers can’t access their views, etc. If there was a way to centrally manage the Toad Views, we could use these to edit the views and execute their SQL scripts against the database. I have gone through many editors and Toad is my favorite, but this is really a requirement for me to fund licenses for my consultants.

you could save your query builder as a Toad View then add that view to a Project and either share that project file or add that Project to Intelligence Central and share it from there.

I agree that we could do that and move the projects to a central shared drive, but this adds additional overhead for the team when this tools is supposed to provide efficiencies and I am assuming this could cause locking issues if multiple developers on working on the same project which we would be. The intelligence server adds even more license cost to the equation and looks like I would also have to procure infrastructure at my client to run this application. ETL tools can’t reference Toad based files and this means that we are always have to push our edits to the DB level. It would be much nicer to be able to send existing views to the query builder to allow us to edit and have available real time to the time via the database. Does this mean the functionality is out of the question for Netezza?

We looked into this a little bit more. We find that in 2014 reverse engineering was shut down because we did not have a deep parser for Netezza. In 2016 we added deep parser but did not enable reverse engineering. I have entered QAT-11796 to enable this feature. It will be in the TDP 4.3 release due out Nov 9

Great news! Thank you.