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Create View without Coding

hi friends,
in toad
is there any option for create view with drag drop or select checkbox ?

i have a lot of tables in my server, i want to do that:
create my view by selecting the columns with my tables on server.

is that possible? can toad do automatic matching id in my tables for intertable?

thank you..

You can do some drag and drop in Query Builder to create the SQL. Then once you have what you want, you can turn it into a view by adding "create or replace view" to it and running it in the Editor.

Main Menu -> Database -> Report -> Query Builder.

thanks John. now how can i choose join id column between two tables? i will use barcode columns with inner join

I don't know much about Query Builder, but you can drag a line between the columns you want to join. Then it should look like this:

thanks John.
I hope I can get results this time

Can we select a few column to a our view from another view with query builder?

Yes you can build views on views with Query Builder. Just drag in the tables or views that you want from the Object Palette, then within Query Builder, drag/drop the columns to make joins.