Creating a DB2 Connection?

I am trying to create a new DB2 connection for the DB2 database we are using but the process in Toad seems far more complicated than other utilities I have been using like IBM Data Studio.

I only have the following information:

Database, Server, and Port

With that is there a way to set up a connection? I haven’t had issues with other utilities but Toad is asking for things outside of my knowledge realm. It looks like the only thing I don’t know is the host operating system (I am pretty sure it is UNIX but I don’t know what to select for that) and the node name. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


I know this is an old thread, but since it gets a lot of views, I thought it important to have a reply posted. We changed the Connection Manager with v6.0 to auto detect your DB2 connections and optionally create connection entries for you. I recorded a video on this:

Changes to the Connection Manager in Toad for DB2 v6.0

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