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Creating FK relationships after reverse engineering


I did a reverse engineering of an existing system that is missing lots of FK constraints however the columns are already there.

In the TDM 3.6 if I create the relationship then the attribute is duplicated. In the prior versions of Erwin that I used it would recognize the existance of the column and ask if I wanted to move it to be the FK. Does this same feature exist in TDM?

How do I manage this scenario? Do I just have to delete the pre-existing attribute?





you can use the Infer Relationship macro. Click Macros | All | Infer relationship.
Note: If you create a relationship manually, FK attribute will be added to child entity automatically. You can Edit the relationship and on tab Foreign Keys click the Child column value and press F2. Then change the attribute to existing column instead of the newly added. More info can be found in User Guide in topic Physical Data Model | Create Entity Relationship Diagram | Understanding Foreign Keys.