Desperate N00b trying the make product dumber

Bought the product yesterday. Have used data modeling tools before.

This thing is driving me insane. It is WAY TOO WIZARDLY as I struggle to create simple non identifying relationships it screws up both tables every time. And it refuses to allow me to identify the columns in each table that are part of the relationship, as it "auto picks" what it thinks I want. In the parent table it decides what the column is. Usually picks the wrong one.

And then it creates new columns I didn't ask for!

I've watched videos... read the help... about to ask for my money back. Is there a way to turn all the automatic wizardly crap off? It turns my FK's into PK's for no reason at all.


I hope, we will solve the problem and you will be satisfied with the TDM.

In TDM, you can control your foreign keys.
If you create a new relationship between the two entities, a new foreign key will be created automatically.

You can set Automatic FK Mapping in Settings | Options | Model | Physical Model.
Following options:

  • Disable - FK mapping is OFF
  • Enable - TDM searches for matching attributes. If a single possible mapping option is found, the FK is mapped. If multiple possible mapping options are found, a dialog appears where you choose the attribute the FK should be mapped to.
  • Always Show Dialog - Displays a dialog whenever there is one or more possible mapping options. You get to choose the attribute the FK should be mapped to.

You can use manual mapping:

  • Double-click the new relationship to edit it
  • Click the attribute item in the Child column to expand the combo-box with other attributes of the child entity and confirm OK

Help for FK mapping is available online:


Hi Petr

Thank you so much for this. Very happy now!