Creating schemas and users DDL scripts in TDM 3


In my PER model (MS SQL 2005) I prepared some schemas and users. I also assigned my entities to different of these schemas, and created some permissions to the users created.

When I generate the DDL script, none of the create table commands will be successfully applied to the database because the script is missing the commands to create the schemas and users which is in my PER model. Is there a way to enable this option is TDM 3, so that generated DDL includes also “create schema” and “create user” commands?
I am not able to find a way how to enable this, if it is at all possible.

Thank you for any answer


Thanks for your question.

For now this is not possible in TDM3. (We will deal with it - CR # 43 618).
The only possible way now is to write the commands CREATE USER/CREATE SCHEMA on tab Before Script in Model Properties (Model menu).

I hope this will help a little.