MSSQL 28008 DDL script generation - create schema not possible

Hi !

We convert our schema to mssql 2008 and want to create the ddl script.
In the mssql model, there is no possibility to check the “Generate” option for the schema object (edit/checkbox control is missing).

We added a script to set the property and also we configured the OTPs so the schema object can be selected by the genetaion dialog.

After generating the script, the schema creation is missing.

Any solution ?

Reiner Braun


please send me sample model to and describe what you wish to receive/generate. If you created script/macro/package, please send it to as well. We will test it.



Hi Vaclav !

I think it is not necessary to check our model, as the problem depends not on the model. Can be tested with any example model.

To be more precise:

1.What do we want
We have a db model for mssql 2008.
The model contains a schema named “sysadm”.
When generating the ddl script, we want the output to have the line
“create schema “sysadm” …” like toad does it for oracle, pg etc.

  1. What is the problem
    If you edit the properties for the schema object in the mssql model, you will find, that there is no “Generate” checkbox to enable schema creation.

  2. Our internal solution (not working)
    First we created a makro, which sets the “GenerateCode” property for the schema object. Second, we enabled the “schema selection” in the DDL creation dialog via “OTP settings…”. When creating the ddl script, we checked the “schema” object.
    After ddlcreation, the schema creation line is still missing.

For this internal solution, we do not need any help/supply.
If possible we want to know how toad creates the schema in the “normal” way.

Thanks Reiner.

Hi Reiner,

I understand what you want. Thank you for clarification.
TDM currently doesn’t support schema creation for majority of databases, but I created change request for your requirement and support for this object creation will appear in future versions of TDM.

Change Request: 98875

Re macro: we can look into the matter, if you want our assistance, please send us the macro to