Cross-connection query - column names' Max Length


Is there a length limit in table\column names in Cross-Connection query mode? It seems columns with names longer than 30 characters are not being retrieved in my query.

I'm getting a "The column XXX is not supported" error if I try to select the XXX column which indeed has a 35 characters name.

Toad Data Point version 5.5.
I'm querying Oracle 19c databases only.


Welcome to the TDP forum, HipRegio,

Assuming that the Oracle Compatibility parameter for your database is not set to some earlier version (e.g. 11g R2 and below Oracle databases only supported 30 characters for table column names).

That said, I did some testing myself, and there seems to be limitations within parts of the TDP interface that won't allow more than 30 chars for the column name. For example, I just tried renaming a column name on an Oracle 18c table, and TDP would not let me type in more than 30 characters. Will bring this up to Quest Dev groups.