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Oracle Database Error: Value length exceeds the parameter size

Please help me to identify what is required to change in Toad Data Point version 3.2.0 to successfully run the attached store procedure.
When running the procedure in TDA 3.2, I get this messaage, “Oracle Database Error: Value length exceeds the parameter size”; this error applies to the value given in p_site_location; if this exceeds 38 characters then the error is generated. Please note the field in the oracle table can take upto 50 characters.
On the other hand, if I execute the same store procedure from an old version of TOAD, I do not get any error and the script gets successfully executed as it should be.
Thanks in advance for your quick support on this problem.



Could you provide the screenshots of how the 2 versions of TDA behavior differently?


As requested, I am attaching the screen shots.
Screen Shots.docx (256 KB)

Thanks Monica,

Is that possible to give us the tables DDL used in the procedure to reproduce the issue?