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Cross Query Editor error: stopped by TDA3


I am trying to pull data using the cross query editor. I used the the IntelliSense to fully qualify the table but it doesnt seem to work because the query works fine in the normal editor (without fully qualifying the source) but I get an error saying the sql has been stopped by TDA3.

Below is the FROM clause that is fully qualified using the IntelliSense


Below is how I normally would reference the table


Any suggestions to get this query to work in the cross query editor would be greatly appriciated.


Cross-Connection must be fully qualified when executing.

I would go to the Cross-Query Builder and build the query first and get it to run. Then take a look and see what syntax is needed.


I do have the whole query, I only posted the FROM clause in the original post because I thought that was the relevant part of the query. The query works fine in the normal editor. I thought I was fully qualifying the table by using the IntelliSense built into toad…but the way toad creates a fully qualified connection in the cross-query editor doesnt seem to be how Toad actually needs me to qualify it because I am getting an error that TDA3 restricted something.

The TDA3 message means there is a parsing error.

Cross-Query does not work the same as a regular database. It goes through a cross-query engine and the query is rewritten to send to the different databases.

Is this Pro edition you are using or Base edition?

The way we fully qualify a table is by connection alias, schema/database, table.
In your example the first two parts look like connection, then connection and schema, then the fully qualified name.


Try changing to this.


Also, as menitoned if you create some simple queryies in the query builder you can get used to the syntax.


Yes, I am using the professional version. I tried shortening it to the way you have it and it worked. Thanks!