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Issue with Cross-Connection Query that's not really a Cross-Connect Query

I am connecting through Oracle on TDP version 3.8. I am running a basic “Select * from table_Name” and am getting a message saying, “Cross-connection queries cannot execute in a standard editor. DO you want to change this into cross-connection mode?” The issue is that this isn’t a cross-connection query. I am connected to Oracle logged into the schema where the table is housed, and when I hit “No” on the option it runs the query anyway. Does anyone know of a setting or something I can look at to get this to stop firing?

I would need to see the SQL. Can you post a screen shot of the whole window so i can see the error and the full SQL statement?

Posting 2, one for different schemas selected.


  1. Which version of TDP are you using? Help -> About -> Version.

  2. Do you use fresh install? Or did you migrate from previous (e.g. 3.7) version?

  3. Do you use Direct connection to Oracle DB? Or do you have Oracle Client installed? If yes, 32-bit or 64-bit?

  4. Can you provide your Oracle connection properties? Screenshot of Connection Properties would be great.

  5. Do you have opened only one connection or more? Screenshot of Navigator Manager would be great.

  6. Which is type of object you SELECT FROM? Table, view?

  1. Version

  2. Fresh install

  3. Yes, we have the Oracle 11g client installed. This is the platform our company uses and it is connected using .ora files

  4. I have certain DB names on my properties window, and I’m not entirely sure what my company’s policy is on displaying that type of info, so I will err on the side of caution and tell you what is on here. I am connected via the “Login” tab and not the advanced tab. I have the database name which reads from the aforementioned .ora files, my user ID, password, and default “Connect as.” I am connected under “Oracle Client” and not Direct, Current home is “Ora Home.” Explain table is set to default, name is set to Business_Ops (the name of my connection), and the category is set to none.

  5. Only 1 connection (the one from this post) is connected.

  6. This is querying from a table. It is a local table we created under the Business_Ops schema.

I hope this helps, thanks so much for looking into it.


I found root cause of problem. There is part of code which detects ‘possible’ cross-query statements. To assist user in automatic switch to cross-query mode. Unfortunately it is not accurate.

Cross query select can look a like: SELECT * FROM Oracle11g (SCOTT).SCOTT.DEPT

In your case it seems your connection in Navigator is named ‘business_ops’. Is it right? For this reason I wanted to have a screenshot :slight_smile:

I created ticket (QAT-8176) to make cross-query detection more bullet proof.

Workaround for you: rename your Oracle connection e.g. to ‘business_ops (Oracle)’.