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CTRL-LMB Multi-select slowness

In the Schema Browser/Users, trying to select a few users from the list and then RMB to create a script. As each user is selected, it does not always get highlighted until the next user (or blank space at the end of the list) is selected.

  • Toad 751 beta, but have seen this in previous releases.
  • 19.8 Instant Client
  • 19.6 RAC database

BTW, I am connected across a VPN, but performance has been fine with other Toad functionality.


Hi Doug,

I haven't been able to reproduce this. Are you using dropdown/tabbed, or treeview schema browser? Both work fine for me.

Also, there shouldn't be any SQL executing as you select users, but you can verify that by turning on Spool SQL.

Is there any software on your PC that could be intercepting mouse clicks?