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CTRL-SHIFT-END to highlight doesn't work in

Hi! I'm big on using the keyboard as opposed to the mouse & I'm unable to use CTRL-SHIFT-END in the version of TOAD. It should highlight from wherever my cursor is, to the end of the page. It's a common combination that I use in MS word, on websites & in other places. I know for a fact that it worked in the previous version I had which was 4.3 My co-worker installed the version today & verified that he has the same issue. This is a shortcut I use quite frequently so I'd love to see it fixed in the next update.
Thank you!

let me get a QA Engineer to verify and enter issue ticket.

Hi, your reference for this fix is QAT-15111.

Thank you!


Hello again,

I was wondering what the status was of this fix.
I was hoping it would be corrected in the newest version, but I just downloaded 5.0.7 and I’m still unable to use this feature.

Thank you!




Hi, no it's not in 5.0.7 but we've made it a high priority since we have lots of users asking for it. Should it be in the next release 5.1.

Control-Shift seems to be not working as it should with any navigation (Home, Arrow keys, etc).