Cursor jumps to end of the file after compiling a package. Should stay where it was

One of the flaws in SQLnav (comparing to other IDEs) is when I am working with an .sql file that compiles a package body - after compile (F8) the cursor jumps to the end of the file.

That is very inconvenient, because I am working with a specific line in the code and after compiling I need to return to the line (even more if the compilation fails).

Instead the only way is to use bookmarks - to return to the place where I was (and that is risky because the bookmarks may disappear when I rewrite a code line - but that is another topic).

This matters even more when the file is in length of hundreds or thousands of lines.

I understand that  sometimes it is convenient that the cursor jumps to the end of the statement. For example, when I have some short DMLs,DDLs one after each other and I want to execute them step-by-step but I use it like 2% of the time I work with SQLnav.

One more alternative is to open the package in the database, but that is a risky way to work because someone else might compile the package or the connection might be interrupted - so many things can go wrong.

So what I am offering:

To make this thing configurable in preferences, for example, Keep cursor in place after compiling with options: Yes/No.

Some might say that this is not important but when you work with this every day these little simple things do matter.

Thanks for your suggestion Martin, it sounds a good point which we could do better here, SQLNAV-1548 has been raised for it.