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Skip to Top doesn't .. and neither does Execute to End

Occaisiohally, when I’ve been doing a lot of editing in a large file, something happens to it so that I can no longer Skip to Top (using either the code editor button or shift+F7). It appears that the file gets corrupted in some way, because this behavior remains even after a full reboot. In the latest case the full file is 21,164 lines long, and skip to top goes to line 18,050.

I can scroll to the top manually, and can edit quite fine. However, when this happens it also won’t execute the file. In this case compile the package spec and the package body. Making this file, and a lot of time spent editing it, useless.

In the past I’ve eventually been able to recover an uncorrupted version of the file, but it’s not easy. Copying and pasting within SQL Nav doesn’t solve it, sine whatever the corruption/issue is seems to stick with the text. I’ve also tried copying and pasting to editors what can show whitespace characters, without success.

Peter S

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback, Could you confirm some infomation please? when you open the file in Code Editor, pls open the Code Explorer on the right list, and then double click the root node to see the cursor skip to what position on Code Editor. If it’s convenient, would you please show the screenshot to us?

Thanks and best regards.