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i’ve been working with TDM for a while now, and one of the things that i’ve wanted to do is to build some custom forms. ideally, i would love to build a new form that allowed me to code in some customized naming conventions and standards, and show the user which database object don’t conform to my standard.

i was thinking something along the lines of a tab for each type of object that i have a set of standards for, and it would have a list box, showing me all the instances of that type of object (say RI constraints, or entities)… and then allow me to automate changing the names of them to meet my standard with just a click.

from what i’ve seen and read, the scripting engine would allow me to enumerate through all the objects in my model, and then make changes to them programmatically…

I’ve also seen that i can customize the existing forms, but i would like to know whether or not i can create my own forms. i would prefer not ot hack up the exisitng forms, which i have no intention of accidentally breaking.

please let me know! :slight_smile:



Hi Eric,

Please check out your Private Messages section for my message.





Really? How does that answer the question for the rest of us?


Hello - there are quite a few posts related to scripting and customization on here that may be helpful. If you have a specific need please ask and we’ll be glad to help.



there is also a set of predefined Eclipse snippets that allow you to write scripts quickly and with all the nice features that Eclipse provides:…/eclipse-snippets-for-macros-and-scripts.aspx