Create customised form

I’m trying to add a new field to an entity. I’m following the customisation example in the Help>Manual pages. When I come to change the form the “Edit Form As” / “Save Form As” are not available. Any changes to the form get saved to My Package instead of the new package I created. How can I save the modified form the the package I created?

I tried looking at the Packages(Add Ins) section in the library but that page seems corrupted.

I am using TDM


Hello Malcolm,

this part of Manual will be edited. I tried it this week and some information is “hard” for newbies in TDM3.

For your situation :

In Options -> General turn on(check) Expert mode,click Apply,above General you can now see Expert Mode,uncheck this one box and click Ok.

  • now you can save your definitions
  • in Package Explorer are packages unlocked

In part with Metamodel :

Don’t forget click on icon with floppy(in Toolbar) or press CTRL+S and then click on floppy for save in Package Explorer.

Take a deep look at images,some steps aren’t twice in text as somebody can expect.

As I said, this part of Manual is now marked for update.


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Great, thats it. Many thanks.

Just a quick tip also for others. Please feel free to watch the Customization flash movie at: