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Customizing relationship line formats

I need to do two things re formatting relationship lines. Can these be done, and if so, how?

  1. Provide a setting to override the convention that identifying relationships are shown as solid lines and non-identifying relationships are shown as dashed lines. The identifying/non-identifying semantic/functional difference is important to capture, and I’m glad that Toad does this. But I need to be able to show both types of relationships as solid lines.
  2. Let me modify the displayed line pattern (solid vs dashed vs whatever) for individual relationships. In other words, provide a line pattern choice on the relationship line format dialog (which currently only lets one customize line color and weight).
    If these aren’t built-in options, is there a way that I could implement them in my installation by writing macros or whatever?

~ Thanks in advance, Ken

Hi Ken,

I’m afraid changing/customizing the format of relationship lines is not possible in any way at the moment.

Please feel free to put your request into the Idea Pond, if it gets enough support, we will consider adding support for customizing the lines format to some degree.