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Formatting of endpoints of relationship lines?


I’m using TDM, and find the endpoints on relationship lines so tiny as to be indscernible. In ERWin one could modify the size of those. I can’t find a way in TOAD to do that; will it be in a future release?

Also, it would be nice to have an attribute editor that is comprehensive for a table, rather than having to go back to the table editor and click “Edit” for each attribute, sequentially. For example when one is going back to add comments, it’s tedious to have to open and close the attribute editor so many times. Just my 2c.




Thanks for your email.
Let me reply.

  1. End points of relationship line - I’ve created a new CR for this 74 679. For now, please use the Loupe.

  2. I’m not sure I understand well. You don’t have to click Edit for each attribute to add comments.
    Possible scenario:

  3. I edit an attribute (no matter if via entity or from Model Explorer of Object Viewer).

  4. I write a comment on tab Comments and confirm Apply. -> The Attribute Properties dialog remains open.

  5. I use either the Next or Previous buttons to navigate directly among attributes of the entity OR I select another attribute from the Object Navigator box. (Please see the attached screenshot - the top of the Attribute Property dialog.) I get very quickly and easily to another attribute, tab Comments directly.
    Just a note: Confirm Apply, not OK. OK closes the Property dialog.

If I’ve misunderstood, please write me back.

Tip: To display list of all attributes, please use the Object Viewer:
From there, you can edit them comfortably too.



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Doh! Thanks Vladka, I didn’t notice those Next/Prev buttons. Next time I will RTFM.

That loupe feature. er. does anyone use it? Having a tiny box with super-magnifying powers doesn’t seem all that useful. I can easily use the zoom to see the endpoints, just wanted to have them a bit larger for printing out large diagrams.

Thanks very much!



just wanted to have them a bit larger for printing out large diagrams.

Now I see. O.K. (CR 74 679)