Dark Mode Cobalt - Current Tab Highlighting

I'm using 16-0-90-1509 and Dark mode with Cobalt. Reason is that it is the only scheme with a true black background.

Problem is that there is no change in tab background color to aid in identifying which tab currently has focus. This is a major headache when I have multiple DB's open, multiple Schema Browsers and SQL Editors and multiple tabs in each editor.

This has already been fixed for next version, but thank you for reporting it.

The next version will be available in a few weeks. You can get it in beta now

Thanks, a partial fix to the problem. I've installed the Beta and now the tabs in editor
are indeed highlighted. However. I have two DB's open and four schema browsers. I can identify which browsers belong to each DB by color, but I cannot identify which of my browsers currently has focus and thus what am I looking at?

Hi Paul,

Yes, I see what you mean. I tried to solve that once before and didn't get anywhere. I'll take a look again today.


This will be fixed the next beta.