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Dark Mode Coming to Beta on Monday!

The next Toad beta, to be released Monday, November 8th, will have Dark Mode!

There are actually about 20 different color themes of varying darknesses.

If you are the type who works in a dark office with no lights except from your monitor and maybe a backlit keyboard, you'll probably like the "Glossy" style:

Or the "Cobalt XEMedia" style:

"Charcoal Dark Slate" is a little less dark:

Here's an example of a lighter one. This is "Sapphire Kamri"

They're set here, under Main Menu -> View -> Styles

If you like this, go get the beta on Monday. Note: You need to have Toad version 15.0 installed to run the beta. You can get version 15.0 here.



Awesome. thank you so much

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