Schema Browser Toad Beta 17 - Navigator not highlighting the current code

I am seeing in the Toad Beta 17 that when in the Schema Browser, when navigating in the code via search or just navigating, the navigator on the left does not highlight the current procedure or program like it does in previous versions of TOAD. I have Enable Colors ON and am using "Punch you in the eye".

In current 16.3 it IS highlighted

And one other thing this is minor I have noticed in 16.3. When searching on a string and the string is first found in the declaration section of some code, the program in the Navigator is NOT HIGHLIGHTED YET. Not until you find that string in the "BEGIN...END" part of the program does it actually "link" properly. See the next two print screens search for string "v_chrg_cd_rt", which is in the program CREATE_SO_EXPENSE and cursor is focused on variable declaration but the first print screen shows the CREATE_PIPEMGMT_FEE still highlighted. In the 2nd print screen, I find the next occurrence of that string inside the "begin..end" of the procedure SO_CREATE_EXPENSE and at this point it highlights the correct program in the Navigator.

2nd print screen.

I am using CTRL-F to search the string and then F3 to find the next occurrence.

Thanks John Dorlon.

Jeff G

Hi Jeff,

I am so pleased that someone is actually using Punch You In The Eye. I thought that was a really fitting name for such a bright color scheme as that one. Anyway - I can reproduce the highlighting problem and will fix it soon. I think it actually is highlighting because it seems to work fine in other color schemes, but with PYITE, the highlight color is the same as the background color, so you can't tell. Should be easy to fix.

I can also reproduce the 2nd problem you mention. I see you have disabled procedure parameters in the navigator (In the Editor, right-click on the navigator, choose "Navigator Options.
It's the "Show parameters" option). If that option is checked, the find will go to the parameter as it should. It seems to only do nothing when the option is unchecked. Still seems like a bug - just FYI. I'm thinking this is easily fixable too but will need to chat with Michael about it.


Thanks John. I liked the PYITE but I did notice that there it is difficult to discern between a "Hot" button and a "Pressed" button, whereas on a Theme such as "Pale Blue", it is obvious the difference. See print screens below:

Punch You in the Eye:

Pale Blue:

Regarding the disabling of procedure parameters, I did that so long ago I forgot it was even there. In that Navigator when coding, I don't need to see the parameters in the Navigator itself because when I click on the procedure/function, it takes me to the beginning of that procedure/function where I see the parameters.

I did that so long ago I forgot it was even there.

Sometimes options are like that.

Both bugs will be fixed in Monday's beta.

The Hot/Pressed difference in buttons is defined in the theme file (which is part of our development environment - you don't have this file). That probably won't be changing anytime soon, sorry. :frowning: