Toad for Oracle 15.1 "Dark Mode" + data grid visual choice

Hi all,

I have also commented on this on the KB article found here:, but I found the communication/wording around "Dark Mode" a bit confusing:

It is being referred to as "Dark Mode", yet none of the color schemes are named "Dark Mode"- even though, several of them could qualify as such. And this is very confusing as an end-user looking specifically for "Dark Mode".
I think Quest should either just simply have named one of the color schemes as "Dark Mode" (since they refer to it as an entity), or they should have chosen another wording instead of "Dark Mode" and several other new color schemes...".
Because the first thing I did after installing Toad 15.1 was to look for "Dark Mode", yet, it was nowhere to be found in the options interface :slight_smile: Am I being too naggy here?

Also, the color scheme overrules the visual choices made under "Data Grids"--> "Visual" which I find unfortunate- these two options should be able to "co-exist", the chosen color scheme respecting chosen data grid visual choices. What do you think?

Well "Dark Mode" is indeed the buzz word that some people get excited about. I don't want to name one of the themes "Dark Mode" because you are right, several of them could qualify (Personally my favorites are Golden Age, Thunderstorm, and Charcoal). I was thinking about organizing the list of color schemes into Dark and Light modes.

The grid colorization will be editable under dark mode in the next beta. Sorry I wasn't able to get that into 15.1. I agree, it was a bit of a miss. However you can control things a little like this:

  1. Turn color schemes.
  2. Choose the "Legacy" grid style and set it how you want in terms of font choice and size, and if you like alternating row colors)
  3. Restart Toad and go back to your choice of dark mode. Your font settings should come across.

Hi John,

Thanks for your quick, and competent response- great to hear, you are already optimizing in upcoming versions, and I just need to be patient. Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face::+1: