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Data compare adds fields in the script that are GENERATED

I'm using Toad version 6.5 for DB2 (Expert edition) to compare data in a table that contains fields that are GENERATED - ALWAYS (as-row-transaction-timestamp-clause etc. ).
In the window that shows the fields that can be selected these fields are hidden, but when
I create a script to make the Target like Source, these fields are included in the SQL statement and cause the inserts to fail, as these fields cannot be inserted or updated by the user.

Sorry - I somehow missed this post.
I know toad has some limitations when dealing with generated columns in the data compare feature.
Please attach a copy of your table's DDL so I can investigate further.

Hi Jeff,
Before sending you the DDL I figured I should try it again to see the problem again.
Lo and behold, this time I see the auto-generated fields and I can un-select them.
Maybe there was some glitch in how the fields were defined that caused me not to see them in the field list. Maybe they were there and I just missed them ( I doubt that, but who knows).
Thanks anyway,