Data Compare Feature using Oracle MINUS clause missing again

Back in 11.0 and prior there was the ability to compare large datasets by using Oracle's MINUS Clause and the wizard in Toad helped set it up and run nicely.
Then some decided all compares ought to work on PK's using a where not exists clause. In a data warehouse that style could take hours to return(or never) given the volume.
We brought it up and it was added back in in later versions as an option in the Compare Wizard to decide which type of analysis to use, where exists or minus.
I cannot locate the choice button or tab ??? HELP


Brad Clark

It's not missing, just hidden.

Go to the Options page in the data compare window (First step, Options tab)
Click "Features" on the left.
Check "Display Advanced features" on the right
A "Comparison Method" node appears on the left. Click it.
Now you can select "Minus"

Awesome thank you!

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