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Minus Operation in Toad for Data Analysts 3.1

Hi All,

For my current project, I’m using 2 databases (Oracle and Netezza).
For testing purpose, I need to execute a Minus query between Oracle and Netezza., vice versa.
I some how got an hint about “Toad for Data Analysts”. So,I installed the 3.1 (trial version).
Only now, I came to know that Minus Operation cannot be performed for Multiple Databases in Cross Connection.
The other option is using DB Link, which I haven’t tried in this tool.
Could anyone provide me a solution, as quick as possible?

Many Thanks,
Navaneeth Sivappan

You can rewrite the query replacing the minus operator with NOT IN like in the following example:

Original query




Rewritten query

Select_1 where column_list NOT IN (Select_2)