Data Compare in TOAD for SQL Server

When using Data Compare and Synchronisation in TOAD for SQL Server, the script generated fails because the date format is incorrect for the session.

The issue can be easily fixed, but because the script is so large, it can't be loaded into the TOAD editor, changed, then executed. I can only achieve this by editing in NotePad and breaking the script into smaller chunks for execution, which is a big manual overhead.

If TOAD could identify the format of the datetime fields specified in the string values for the datetime format fields, it could automatically add a SET DATEFORMAT command for the session.

Alternatively you could add an option to manually specify and add a SET DATEFORMAT command at the start of the script.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for bringing this up on the forum, I'll pass this to our R&D for evaluation as well. Any additional context to your specific use case can be more than helpful, screenshots or even a short video displaying the above.