Toad for SQL Server 7.4.1 is now available

Toad for SQL Server v7.4.1 along with release notes can be viewed here - Toad for SQL Server - Download Software

Resolved issues:

  • Toad SQL Server is not displaying the total row count for the retrieved records in the footer panel of the Object Explorer screen. This issue is observed after the application is upgraded from version 7.2 to 7.4.

  • Toad SQL Server is not displaying the Schema Compare option when users right click on a database from the Databases section on the Object Explorer pane.

  • When users run a script or editor, the footer panel of the script result page is not displaying the Duration and Executed Date details.

  • When users try to generate the Create Index script on SQL Server Connection, Toad for SQL Server displays the "Generating script" message but the script does not get generated.

  • When users format the SQL statement having a comment at the top, using the Format Code option from the Editor menu, the formatter formats the entire SQL script in one line comment irrespective of the format selected by the users.

  • Toad SQL Server 7.4 installer opens the release notes document of Toad Data Point 5.7 instead of Toad SQL Server 7.4 Release Notes.

  • Users are not able to use any format (long/short/default) of the formatter functionality using the Format Code icon in the SQL Editor.

  • When users rename a new connection and reconnect, the connection name gets renamed as True or False.

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