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Data compare multiple tables

I am new to this product: This is what I am trying to accomplish:

Select 900 tables and compare them between two databases. Although very tedious, I have figured out how to select the tables in the navigation manager then comparing; environment freezes up on me using the data compare wizard so I’m assuming this is my only choice.

Once I select the keys etc for each table and run the compare, I want to print out a report of the results of all tables; appears I have to do this one table at a time?

Am I missing something? Seems very difficult to do multiple tables.

Thank you in advance.


Would you please let me know what database do you have?
Data Compare available on schema/database level so you do not need to select 900 tables in the list to run compare.
Anyway, can you please explain in more details (step-by step would be great) on what moment your environment is frozen?

The only report available in Data Compare across all tables is summary report you can find at File -> Print Preview. Is it something you are looking for?
Looking forward for your reply.

The Database is Oracle 11G. I connect to both databases. Then I select 10 tables using control key (as a test; will need to compare many more) right click and choose compare data. It appears that the data compare wizard is then searching the entire schema of the target database. It stops running about 3/4 of the way through.

I did finally get it to run once and I saved the compare however when I reopen it to run it again the project is blank.

I am running this on the server as well, 4 gig memory and I have plenty of memory available but the compare is just very slow. Do I have a setting wrong somewhere?

Also if I save a compare to a file, do I need to do something other than open the compare to execute it? It is a dcp file. I open it and the compare is blank.



Hi Amy,

We need some details from you to address problem with saving comparison file:

a. Please provide us with Toad Support Bundle file, you can get it by clicking Help > Support Bundle menu item.

b. Also please provide us with DataCompare log file, to get it click Help > About menu item and then click Application DataDirectory link on About dialog, then open Plugins subfolder and then Data Compare folder inside it, there DataCompareAndSync.log file is located.

c. And could you please give us your comparison file (*.dcp) that is opened as blank comparison.

Also may I ask you some more questions on your case:

1. Does using the summary report (accessed by File > Print Preview) solved your problem with printing report for all tables?

2. What do you mean under “environment freezes up on me using the data compare wizard”? While DataCompare wizard is visible only DataCompare tab is disabled (frozen), all other parts of Toad user interface is still enabled so can continue work with Toad while comparison is in progress. Is such behavior Ok for you or do you suppose some enhancements should take place here?

3. Could you please specify what is inconvenient for you in process of selecting objects for compare? If you need to compare all tables within schema you can just select schema item instead of selecting all tables, or if you need to compare not all tables but a big number of then then you can use Shift key and click on first and last table you need to compare thus you’ll select the whole range.

4. Could you please explain what do you mean under  “It stops running about 3/4 of the way through.”? What process it is related to (schema extraction or data comparison)?

5. Also you mentioned that compare process is very slow, could you please give us more details on this. What step is actually slow, connection to databases, schema extraction or data reading and comparison? If comparison step is slow it might be because you selected columns to use as keys for compare that are not included in primary key and don’t have any index, so in such case server need to perform full scan on table. Try to avoid such cases. Also the reason of slow comparison can be very large data stored in tables, for example if you have tables with rows that contains few hundreds megabytes it might be a problem to load such big data into memory to compare it. So does one of these seem to be your case?