Confused by compare table data feature

Toad 16.3

I have 2 tables in the same database and schema named TABLE_NAME_0001 and TABLE_NAME_0002. Can someone please explain how to select these tables for comparison reporting (no sync)?

I can see and select the tables, but selecting the validate button returns "No target table".


I got past the configuration section by placing source and target database names into the "Search for" "Replace with" fields.

Running the comparison has only generated a summary report. I need the detail report, but it was not generated, nor was any error raised.

I have worked past this issue as well. The comparison was successful.

You should also be able to highlight both tables in the Schema Browser, and right-click->Compare as well. Compare wizard gens both a summary and a detail diff report.

Doug, I am away from PC now so I could be mistaken but it sounds like you are in ‘compare multiple tables’ not ‘compare table data’. Compare multiple Tables window is all about comparing multiple (or all) tables in one schema to tables by the same (or similar) names in another schema.

Compare Table Data is meant for just a pair of tables and is easier to figure out

Thanks John & Gary. Looks like I made an easy job difficult by choosing the wrong interface. :slight_smile:

Maybe so but Kudos for making it work!