Data Compare question

Unfortunately we have some data that has to be scraped by a macro and then compared via Excel. However, I’ve noticed that if say this week I compare one DB that has 400 rows to another that has 400 rows and then next week compare the same file (new run of the macro, saved with the same naming) and the rows increases, that when I click Edit and look at the rows in the wizard, it doesn’t automatically select all rows.

is this something that I am doing incorrectly?


Do I understand right that you say about Data Compare activity in Toad Automation, and that under “rows” you mean mapped objects (table, views)? If so, it’s by design, as Data Compare is not designed to compare or synchronize exactly entire database, it works on object level basis, thus you specify objects you want to compare and then you can automate it.

Sorry I was not clear.

What I mean is when I am on the "Specify a Range of Cells for Source File’, the Range seems to be stuck on the same row from the previous compare of that file.


Comparing an pre-prod table with 4 rows to a production table with 4 rows has all the items selected for the row and columns.

On the second day, using the same spreadsheets (saved with the same naming convention so that it can be automated), the pre-production table has 4 rows while the production has 5 rows and it missing the 5th row in production because the Range did not seem to update.