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how can I automate a data comparison?

Hi. I’m new to TOAD and this forum and currently unable to use the search facility to look for help, so thought i’d start a new thread . . .

I’ve recently been evaluating toad for data analysis and toad for MySQL as a tool to compare 2 CSV data files (each having 14,000 rows of data, each with 38 columns and file size around 5Mb).

I was hoping to create an automation script to import current CSV data and then compare it to the benchmark data that already exists say within a MySQL database.

I can see how to add the import wizard to the automation tool but I can’t see how to automate the running of an existing data compare project file. Does this facility exist in any of the TOAD products?

If so, can you point me in the right direction to have a shot at it.

Any tips much appreciated as i have a steep learning curve ahead of me!

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!


Using data Compare in automation is a new enhancement in Toad for Data Analysts 3.0. You can check it out by download the Beta location below. Debbie

Thanks very much debbie for your speedy response, i will check this out next.

Are you able to summarise the Beta Usage Agreement?!!
Am I allowed to use this software for free on my laptop at home for my own use? if so, is it for just a limited period until 3.0 goes live ?

Thanks again.


You can use the Beta for free at home or work. It expires every 30 days.


Are you aware of any issues with installing it alongside v2.6 or 2.7? I like the beta, but am afraid that it may corrupt or otherwise impact the other versions.