Data grid show partial columns when I swap to other editor


I do have the issue with displaying the data on the datagrid. Eventually, I open 2 editor which is under different schema. I query the data by using select * from table1, it show up 20 columns of data. In the meantime, I query in another editor with the same query, it show up 30 columns let say. when I swap between two editor, first editor show me only 5 columns and another 10 columns like being “truncated” and scroll bar forcing me to scroll then only I can see the rest of 10 columns, or I force to readjust the datagrid panel, then only I can see all 20 columns, it seems very troublesome. I tried to right click to do some adjustment on the Desktop Panel -> Data Grid, but it doesn’t help. Anyone know what happen to this?

Please advise.


Cannot reproduce your issue… you might get better assistance if you give us step-by-step details of what you’re doing…