full screen data grid pop-up


I like to use full screen mode, then use the F2 key to toggle to show the data grid when I need to. However, when I change between tabs within the editor window to view different scripts, the data grid pops up to show the contents for the tab I am entering.

This is slowly driving me insane… How can I stop this behaviour?



I logged this with Quest support - response below…

Dear Stephen

The problem you reported in Case ID 857977 has been verified as a defect and logged as defect ID 78367 which will be evaluated for a future release. This case has been marked for closure as the active troubleshooting has come to completion.

Please refer to the Resolved Issues section of the Product Release Notes when new releases are available to identify if a fix for this defect has been implemented. Product Release Notes are available in the Product Documentation area of our Support Website at support.quest.com.