Data Profile: Out of space

I get an error message when doing Data Profiling"Your temporary drive contains XX MB of free space. The query is canceled"

The temporary drive space is located in which folder? How to increase the temporary drive space?

Can I change TDP temporary drive space to a different driver(I have c;\ and e:\ drive on my computer


Unless you've attached specific storage to your temp folder location, check the disk space on your workstation... I'm guessing that your overall disk is approaching its limit.

As far as I know, temp file locations should be able to expand and contract based on need, and the same is true of TDP's use of it. I suspect that TDP is using your Windows Temp folder. There is a setting for temp folder in the Data Compare/General page in TDP's options... not sure if that's the temp folder that's being used for your Profiling

Hi Gary,

Yes, we can set folder for Data Compare/General page. Can we set up a data profiling folder?

Don't see an option to specify... I'll guess that TDP is either its own temp file folder for most things ...
e.g. in
C:\Users<admin? or other user>\AppData\Local\Temp

using your Windows temp folder.

Check the AppData\Local\Temp folders first to see if you've got any excess accumulation...