Data type Rowversion is missing in MS SQL Server 2005 PDM

I cannot find Rowversion offered in my MS SQL Server 2005 physical data model. I know it’s the same as Timestamp, but the name is quite confusing and deprecated.
Is there a workaround to replace Timestamp with Rowversion when generating DDL script?


Hello Andreas,

Rowversion data type is supported in TDM for MS SQL Server 2008. Rowversion is also generated instead of data type timestamp for this db.

In MS SQL Server 2005 (in comparison with v. 2008), rowversion is only synonym of timestamp data type.
Nevertheless, during SQL/DDL generation (F9), you can click the Detail Settings tab and select the Generate Data Type TIMESTAMP As ROWVERSION checkbox.

Hope this will help.

Have a nice day.



Thanx, DDL script is fine.
But it would be nice to be able to see Rowversion in the graphics, too.
So why not offer Rowversion as additional data type in 2005 models?


Because rowversion is the synonym of timestamp data type.
We don’t want to add such synonyms there. Sorry.