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DataVirtualGrid "InplaceEdit" gone in TOAD 6?

Back in toad 5.3 we had a grid where we configured an integer for each entity attribute:


This grid was of type "DataVirtualGrid" and the second column referred to a custom integer property in our Metamodel. This column had the property "InplaceEdit" set to true, so a numeric stepper used to appear when clicking on the field:


Now I'm recreating the grid because of incompatibilities between the two versions (see this topic) but that property seems to be gone in Toad 6.5.

How to solve?

Hi Tommaso_Sala,

We will fix this problem (TDM-5451).
I bring workaround for you.
You can edit package (in notepad for example).
You must find "<InplaceEdit> 0 </InplaceEdit>" and set to 1 (you must be sure of the correct column, the correct grid).
Now you can run TDM and the property will available.


Thank you for your reply.
I want to report that I also tried the new 7.0 version, but it suffer from all the issues I recently filed.