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Date Conversion in Loop Bug

Trying to understand why TDP is returning 'To_date('11/20/2019 00:00:00.00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS.SS')' when using a Loop Dataset that includes a date value being returned from Teradata without any formatting. Using TO_DATE results in an invalid number of parameters error so if this is physically being inserted it would make formatting a date relatively impossible without some kind of substring function to extract it.

This is what the log returned as attempted when an exception occurred:

INSERT INTO send_log
('To_date('11/20/2019 00:00:00.00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS.SS')','2537839','Darlene Hick','E234','','SENT')

This doesn't work either: trans_dt (FORMAT 'mm/dd/yyyy')

Find and replace or substr doesn't work either. Surprised something like this could go unnoticed.