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date function getting different results on different desktop TDA's

I have a view that uses the Datepart function and weekday as the parmeter. When go to the view in TDA it is fine. On one of our desktops the datepart function runs differently and provides different results when viewed in TDA for this particular machine. What settings should I check to ensure that all of our TDA’s are using the same date credentials. I am under the assumption that this particular box has a different date criteria.

DatePart should give different results from pc to pc that I know of. I would check the following thins:

  1. Regional settings of the pc from the control panel. Look for different region or date format.
  2. Go to TDA Options | Environment | Grid. Look at the DataTIme and custom Format tabs for differences.

If it is still not obvious please post screenshots of the differences, include what database platform you are using and attach a support bundle from each of the pcs that are different.

You can send my private email if you like.


Correction to my last post --> Datepart should NOT give different results.

Thanks very much for the quick response and information. So far everything appears to be the same. We are pulling the support bundles to evaluate them and will forward if we can’t find the issue. It appears to be the client setup because Toad for Oracle on the pc runs the datepart as expected it is the TDA app that presents different date values when the same query is run.

Perhaps the two applications are using different Oracle Clients? Or TDA is using an Oracle ODBC connection or Direct Connection?